The "ILLUMINATI COACHING CLASSES(ICC)" was started as an innovation for bringing light in the mind of students at an early age who are aspiring to achieve academic and professional competence in the competitive world. With this vision in mind, the ILLUMINATI COACHING CLASSES which was started in Bhopal in Danish nagar area in year 2015 has achieved tremendous success and trust of the students as well as their parents.Word 'ILLUMINATI' means group of people having special knowledge and hence special care is taken in selecting group of faculties who have taken the task in mission mode.With tremendous success within two years the ILLUMINATI COACHING CLASSES has opened new centre in MP Nagar area of Bhopal city.We focus to inculcate the competence from an early age from class 4th to 12th to impart comprehensive development for their growth and for competitive exams such as IIT-JEE,NEET,AIIMS,NTSE,OLYMIADS and several other competitive exams as well.With this mission of ours, we promise to deliver quality education to each and every student.


With an experience in an America based company and my early school education i realised that the education system lacks focus on preparing competence in the students to face the challenges of the outer world. This has drawn me to the field of education so as to develop quality based education methodology to bring in competence in individual student so that their performance is targeted for IIT's,NEET,AIIMS and several other competitive exams in India and abroad.In order to achieve success in this fast changing world, one has to be conceptually very strong when it comes to technical education.IIT-JEE is a different level of examination for a student since it requires the understanding and application of the concepts.It is not only the large number of hours put in but also how well those hours are utilized.In the end I would like to say that to achieve success, one has to be patient and also hardworking as it is said that Rome wasn’t built in a day same goes for achieving success in any examination.I wish all the students best of luck.

Prashant Singh